ToDoList 6.5.10

Improve your productivity with this handy task manager


  • Handy tree-like structure
  • You can choose between standard or portable installation
  • Highly detailed entry for each task
  • Variety of exporting/importing options


  • No support for recurring tasks

Very good

If you never seem to have enough time to complete your tasks, maybe you need a program like ToDoList.

ToDoList can be a great help to organize your work and become more productive. This tool enables you to create highly-detailed lists of tasks and includes all the tools and functions you need to manage your time and pending work more effectively.

One of the features of ToDoList that caught my attention was that you can select to install it as a desktop app or use it as a standalone program, saving preferences to an INI file. Also, the program has a very informative interface with clearly separated areas to display the task list, the contents of the selected task and its main characteristics, respectively.

Tasks in ToDoList are organized in a tree-like structure with support for subtasks, and can be assigned a due date and a reminder. You can also export them to several formats. On the downside, the program doesn't have support for recurring tasks.

With ToDoList you can easily improve your productivity by handling tasks in a more organized and effective way.



ToDoList 6.5.10

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  • by Anonymous

    Awesome product!.
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